How to fix file transfer speed in Xender?

 One of the most popular and well-rated file-transferring applications xender is now a favourite among users. Xender transfer all type of data or files having any size and format from one device to another device. Transferring the files from one device to another without any wire and usage of data or wifi make it more famed and unique. Moreover, maximum applications just allow the users to transfer the files from Android to Android but Xender does not limit its users. Here users can easily transfer from Android to iOS, Windows phones, Macs, and many others. Xender replaced the other old and new transfer applications with his unique and outstanding features.

Fix file transfer speed

Xender generally transfers the files at high and very fast speeds around 200 times of normal Bluetooth transfer speed. Transferring the huge and bulk files is a matter of just a few minutes for Xender. So sometimes users face the problem of the slow speed of transferring the files which appears due to some reasons. Here in this article, we are going to teach you how to fix these problems step by step.

A lot of wifi signals

A place that is too crowded with wifi signals slows the speed of transferring the files to the sender. However, try to move to such a place in which too many wifi networks are not present. So an area having low wifi networks which should not interfere with the transfer will increase the transferring speed of files.

Many apps running in the background

If many other apps are running in the background then it will slow down the speed of Xender. Other apps may be using the wifi which results in slow transferring speed.

Not enough RAM

Enough RAM is one of those factors that speed up the transferring speed. If the transferring speed is slow then check both devices that they are not running from the not enough RAM or storage. So fix the storage problem and try again which will show you improvement.

Short the distance of devices

Another reason for the slow transferring speed of files in Xender is the distance between devices. Take the device close to each other and then try it.

Restart the device

If the solutions given above are not working then try this method. Just turn your both devices off and wait for a minute after that turn your devices on and transfer the files. Doing this will fix the lag of devices and boost up the transferring speed.

Reinstall xender

If you have applied all of the above methods to fix the transferring speed and after that, it is not working then go and uninstall Xender on both devices. After uninstalling them go and reinstall the latest version of Xender in both devices. Updated and latest versions of Xender will transfer the files at a high and fast speed by fixing the bugs and malware which are causing the slow speed of transfer. 

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