How to create a backup of files using Xender?

A famous and well-known file-sharing application xender is now gaining fame with time. Xender application is not just used for file and data sharing but also used to create backups of files. Users send and receive files without any wire and usage of a single bite or data. Users can use it simply and handily without feeling and facing a problem or query because of its convenient user interface. Xender is the leading application in its sharing field because its unique features make it a superb, attractive, and charming application. Xander has left the other sharing applications behind him because the transferring speed is so fast and boosted that large-sized files are sent and received in a few minutes without any stopping error.

Create a backup by Xender

Xender provides its users with a unique feature of backing up files easily and it is very convenient to do such things by using Xender. So the process of creating the backup is so easy and simple which is described below and users have to follow them step by step.

Brought second device

First of all, you have to bring a second device for backup. The second device is a must because by this you can save your recommended data on that device.

Check enough space

After managing the second device you have to check the storage of that device. If the second device has enough space to store the data then follow the next step and if space is not enough then manage another device of enough space.

Connect both devices

You have to connect the devices to transfer files.

Create the backup and send files

After connecting both devices create the backup of files and select all the recommended files after selecting them share them with the other device. In this way, you can save your data on other device without any problem.

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